The autumn leaves of Haruna Lake and Haruna Shrine! Gunma prefecture Haruna-yama, Japan 【photo travel】

This time I went to Haruna who did autumn leaves of autumn. I photographed Haruna Lake and Haruna Shrine. As I went early in the morning morning fog was very beautiful.


Shooting location / Shooting date

The shooting date is late October 2018 when it was the best time to see autumn leaves. I went out early in the morning and photographed.
Parts of the anime and manga Initial D take place on or around the lake, under the fictional name Lake Akina, as Mount Haruna – named Akina (秋名) in the series – is the location of the tōge where Takumi, the protagonist, wins his first races.

The shooting location was taken at the shore of Lake Haruna.

Next, I took a picture at Haruna Shrine on my way back. The Haruna Shrine was also in the best time to see the autumn leaves.

Photographic Equipment

Lake Haruna

In the early morning ‘s cold we shot while turning around the shore of Lake Haruna.Since the sun has not appeared, the contrast is low, but the autumn leaves were firmly colored.

Haruna Fuji and a morning glow. It is a pity that Haruna Fuji’s autumn leaves are not conspicuous because it becomes backlighting. Because the wind and the lake surface shake, it was not a perfect mirror. 

The red color of the maple leaves is very beautiful. The picture of the autumn tint of red is better than the yellow autumn leaves.I photographed the angler and the lake at telephoto of RX 10. This is also a telephoto with anglers and autumn leaves. Morning mist is fantastic.  The duck’s boat is also surrounded by a morning mist. 

The maple is dyed red vividly. The shore of Lake Haruna was clear, so the blue sky is very beautiful. I looked like a mirror on the surface of the lake with a 12 mm super wide-angle lens. From the early morning the anglers bustle in the autumn leaves. 

Haruna Shrine

The Sui Gate of Haruna Shrine. The autumn leaves on both sides were beautiful. 

There are red leaves spots here and there also on the way to Haruna Shrine.  Shoot the maple near fallen leaves.A maple stained bright red. 

It was disappointing that the main hall is under renovation. 

The colors of blue sky and autumn leaves are very shiny. Waterfall which can be seen from Haruna Shrine. I shot in telephoto. 

Cut the autumn leaves with the rock and the shrine as a frame. 

Lake Haruna · Haruna Shrine is very beautiful and full of photographic spots full of photographs. Please go to the autumn leaves season by all means!