The autumn leaves & the starry sky of Akagi mountain! Mt.Akagi Kakumanbuchi, Gunma prefecture, Torii Pass, Akagi Shrine, Japan [Photo travel]

This time I went to Akagi mountain in autumn. The main was to shoot autumn leaves, but at the same time it was able to shoot the starry sky and the sunrise. It was the best condition without clouds.


Shooting location / Shooting date

The shooting place is Akagi mountain in Gumma prefecture. It also appears in the initial letter D.

The shooting date is in mid-October 2018. I climbed the pass, arrived around 3 o’clock in the early morning, and photographed the starry sky and night view. Even though it was October, measures against cold weather are essential, as the puddle was so cold that it froze in the morning.

Photographic Equipment

This time I shoot with 3 cameras + lenses below. Development is Lightroom 6.

Comparison of starlit sky Synthesis uses Mac’s free software StarStaX. I only have one.

In addition, PROTAGE lens heater was used for dew condensation at night. It is very convenient because it also comes with a temperature controller that can be powered from the mobile battery.

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Starry sky from the Akagi mountain torii gate, night view

It is a starry sky from Torii Pass of Akagi mountain. Although it is Kenchimuchi and the starry sky, the sky is bright because the light harm of the night view of Maebashi is still bright, the number of stars that can be seen is small. I’m sorry. Akagi mountain seems not to be suitable for starry sky observation.

Thanks to the adjustment of Lightroom, we can also see the Milky Way.

I shot a star’s miracle by exposing for a long time. Unlike synthesis, it is difficult to set up.

This is the one that made a series of shots using the time lapse function, and compared it by StarStaX. Since the light of other people’s lights and lights of the car’s lights are peeping in the middle, the miracle of that part is cut off. 

Night view from Torii Pass to Maebashi side. It was taken at 70 mm. Because there is distance, it is beautiful for seeing, but it is difficult to put it beautifully in the picture.Naturally, compared with the night view of Tokyo, there is less light, so the photograph is also low. 

Sunrise and autumn leaves from Torii Pass

It was fine this day, so I could see the sunrise and the sunrise. The sky stained in orange is beautiful.

It is HDR synthesized in Lightroom which changed the exposure to photograph the autumn leaves and the sunrise in Lightroom. It synthesizes very well, so you can put sunrise and autumn leaves beautifully.
I squeeze the sunrise so that the light is emitted. Also, because it has a field angle of 12 mm, it is also attractive to be able to capture all the scenery that can be seen from the valley of Torii Pass.  It was taken at 24 mm and the sunrise appears on the Kiryu side. The mountains are beautiful. 
I used the zoom of RX 10 and photographed the sunrise up. It is fantastic to see the sun rising from the red cloud. 

The contrast between the mountain ranges and the red of the sun is beautiful. 

I photographed Maebashi side with autumn leaves. The leaves are very vivid. 

Kakumanbuchi and autumn leaves

Then I went to Kakumanbuchi

 Frost was falling on the autumn leaves. Autumn leaves and frost are beautiful.  There is also thin ice on the lake surface. Although it is October it is very cold.  As it turns out, autumn leaves seem to have ended a little.  There were many tripods crowded with photographers on the tree road.    This photo is a trimmed photo on the top. There is only the image quality of 7R2, and there is no problem in resolution even if you trim. The angle of view of this is better. 

Akagi Konuma

I also went to Akagi Omorum, but there was not much like photographs. Because the autumn leaves were over?

Akagi Shrine

Finally it is Akagi Shrine. Autumn leaves were beautiful inside the precincts.

You can enjoy white birch and yellow autumn leaves inside the precincts.  Speaking of Akagi Shrine, this is a bridge. 

The contrast between autumn leaves surrounding Akagi Shrine, red bridge, sky is very beautiful.